InDesign does not have to be intimidating.

You CAN confidently create your own graphics in InDesign, without the overwhelm.

Get the InDesign Basics Template + Tutorial Pack — a collection of 10 video project walkthroughs, with the InDesign template files for each, plus cheat sheets and over 30 bonus template files.

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Have you ever wanted to use InDesign for your graphics but were just too intimidated?

Are you tired of wasting time wading through tons of online software tutorials trying to figure everything out?

Do you get frustrated with trying to put layouts together with clunky and cumbersome design software?

Are you overwhelmed with all the info out there on how to create your own graphics in general, and are just not sure where to start?

What if I told you that you could:

Imagine if you could finally start getting a handle on your graphics so you can get back to the things you WANT to be doing in your business!

Introducing the . . .

A collection of video tutorials and templates for non-designers, that will teach you the basics of InDesign and help you get started creating the professional looking graphics you want for your business.

These tutorials walk you through step-by-step how to use InDesign to create some of the most commonly used graphics that small business owners use to promote their businesses online.

You’ll learn how to make them in InDesign with only basic tools, and with easy-to-follow instructions.

With this program you’ll be able to . . .

You’re going to get:

10 InDesign Video Project Tutorials

Projects Included:


 • Pinterest Pin

 • Instagram Graphic • 

Facebook Graphic • 

Subscribe Graphic
 • Cheat Sheet • 


 • Sidebar Graphic

 • Page Layout

 • Workbook Cover

Downloadable Templates for Each Tutorial

Downloadable Cheat Sheets

— Bonus Videos —

Getting Around in InDesign


Creating Multi-Page Documents in InDesign

PLUS Over 30 Bonus Layout Templates

Total Value = $460

Today’s Price Only $47!

Who exactly is this for?

This is for anyone who markets their business online . . . whether you sell digital products, online courses, physical products, or have a service-based business.

This tutorial series is great for:

Content Marketers • Coaches • Bloggers • Small Business Owners • Solopreneurs

If you use social media graphics or promotional graphics for your website or your content, or you use PDF downloads for email marketing, lead magnets, freebies, content upgrades, or workbooks — this template & tutorial pack is perfect for you!

Not a designer? No problem.

These videos and templates were created with non-designers in mind. The tutorial videos are clear step by step walk-throughs of each project so that after watching them, you can easily become comfortable with the software. And the templates are basic layouts that are simple to customize, just add your own content, photos, fonts and colors.

Can InDesign really be that simple to use?

Believe it or not, it can.

When you watch these videos, you’ll start to see how the same basics are used over and over, and after you watch all the tutorials, you’ll have a good understanding of how to set up and work with a variety of different projects.

Then, when you use the videos to follow along and create the graphics yourself, you’ll get some valuable practice and will become comfortable working with the software much more quickly.

Once you go through these videos, InDesign won’t seem nearly as intimidating.

What can you do with what you learn in the videos?

Create and work with a variety of projects.

With the tools you’ll learn in these tutorials, you won’t be limited to only the included projects. You’ll be able to use these same tools to work with all kinds of projects like flyers, invoices, contracts, letterhead, business cards, ads, presentations, brochures, signage, website banners, postcards, and more! You can use InDesign to create almost anything you need for your business.

Simplify your design process.

You won’t have to work with one type of design program for online graphics, and then another for print projects. InDesign works great for both! Then when you can customize your own set of templates, you’ll save tons of time by just creating new graphics from those as you need them.

Add a valuable skill to your toolbox.

When you combine pro software knowledge with the ability to customize professional design templates, you have a valuable skill that can save you tons of money with your graphics. You’ll have the knowledge to use the tool the pros use, and all the flexibility and options that come with it.

Here’s exactly what’s included:

10 InDesign Video Tutorials

Each of these tutorials is a complete step-by-step walkthrough of how to create these projects — from creating the blank document to exporting the finished project.

These projects are some of the most commonly used social media graphics, promotional graphics and downloadable files.

Here is a list of projects that are included:

InDesign Templates for All Tutorials

You’ll also be getting the downloadable InDesign template files for each of the projects covered in the tutorial videos.

You can use these files to:

InDesign Basics Cheat Sheets

Find the tools and shortcuts you need quickly with these handy reference guides.

Plus you’ll also get these bonus video tutorials:

Getting Around in InDesign

A video to quickly show you around the program to help take away the intimidation factor and demystify the interface.

Bonus Multi-Page Document Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to make multiple page documents with InDesign, so you can see how to set up projects like workbooks and ebooks.

You’ll also get access to

InDesign Template Files for Over 30 Additional Layouts

These are simple layouts for social media graphics, promotional graphics and page layouts, set up in InDesign template format, that you can customize with your own fonts, images and colors.

You can keep the layout as is or you can rework it and make it your own. You choose!

What’s so special about these templates?

Here are the additional layouts that are included:

4 Pinterest Pin Layouts

4 Facebook Graphic Layouts

4 Instagram Graphic Layouts

4 Subscribe Graphic Layouts

4 Sidebar Graphic Layouts

11 Page Layouts + 2 Workbook Cover Layouts

These page layouts can either be used for a workbook or as stand-alone pdf downloads.

Get the InDesign Basics Template + Tutorial Pack

10 InDesign Project Walkthroughs • Downloadable InDesign Template Files • Tools and Shortcuts Cheat Sheets

— Bonus Videos —

Getting Around in InDesign & Creating Multi-Page Documents in InDesign

PLUS Over 30 Bonus Layout Templates

Total Value = $460

Today’s Price Only $47!

Risk Free 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you buy this product and are not completely happy with it, let me know within 30 days of your purchase and I will gladly give you your money back, no questions asked.

Hi, my name is Melodie Hayes . . .

I’ve been a professional designer for 20 years, and I can tell you that pro design programs like InDesign are accessible for you, even if you don’t see yourself as a designer.

You can definitely add professional polish to your projects and create the high-end look you want for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Not a designer? No problem! These videos are meant to help non-designers learn the basics of pro software, and the templates are standard, basic layouts that anyone can use. Just update them with your own photos, fonts, colors and content.

Canva is definitely a great design tool and you can do a lot with it, but it can be limiting in several ways. There is much more control and flexibility with InDesign, and with these tutorials where you’re learning what you need with InDesign basics, the learning curve is about the same for both. Why not save headaches and get comfortable with pro software right off the bat?

The great thing about pro design software is that it’s not as difficult as it appears and you only need to know some basics to be able to use it. Design programs like InDesign and Photoshop definitely have a lot to them, but you don’t have to know everything about them to use them effectively.

Since Adobe has switched to monthly pricing, pro design software has become much more accessible as far as cost. According to Adobe’s website, you can use InDesign for $20.99 per month. You can learn more about their pricing plans here at their website.

You get access to all videos and downloads immediately after your purchase and can start learning right away.

You have lifetime access to the content and also receive any updates to the product for free.

Absolutely. Just contact me within 30 days of your purchase and I will refund your money in full, no questions asked.

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Step #4:

Start learning immediately!

Why wait to start getting a handle on your graphics?

Take advantage of this bundle to get a jump start on getting the “design part” of your business done today!

Get the InDesign Basics Template + Tutorial Pack

10 InDesign Project Walkthroughs • Downloadable InDesign Template Files • Tools and Shortcuts Cheat Sheets

— Bonus Videos —

Getting Around in InDesign & Creating Multi-Page Documents in InDesign

PLUS Over 30 Bonus Layout Templates

Total Value = $460

Today’s Price Only $47!