Using InDesign to make graphics for your blog is easier than you think.

InDesign Basics for Bloggers: Get Started Creating with InDesign

By Melodie Hayes


One of the things that not a lot of people realize about InDesign is that you really only need to learn some basics to be able to use it effectively. My 5-lesson mini course, InDesign Basics for Bloggers, is designed to take you through the basics of the program to help you get a foundation for creating a lot of different projects for your blog.

With the tools you’ll learn in this course, you’ll be able to create projects like:

  • Blog Post Graphics
  • Checklists
  • Worksheets
  • Promotional Graphics

In this course, I’ll help you get familiar with the program, teach you some simple tools, palettes and shortcuts that you can use in your projects, and I’ll also be doing a project walkthrough in the last video to show you how to put some of those tools and features to use.

Here is a list of lessons that are included:

1. Getting Familiar with the Work Area – Opening up InDesign for the first time can be overwhelming, but I promise it’s not nearly as scary as it looks once you break it down into its basic sections. We’ll walk through the 5 basic sections in this video.

2. Basic Tools and Palettes – I’ll take you through the handful of tools and palettes you need to know to be able to work with lots of different projects.

3. The Control Palette and Pasteboard – In this video I’ll show you these two awesome InDesign features that can really help you as you work on projects.

4. Basic Functions and Shortcuts – InDesign is loved for its time-savers, and in this video I’ll go through a few of them that can help you really speed things along.

5. Creating Your First Project – We’ll walk through a project and show you some of these tools and features in action.

In addition to this, there are video tutorials on my blog that can give you more practice with creating several types of projects.

InDesign does not have to be intimidating. By just learning some basics, you can start using this pro software to design some awesome projects for your blog.

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